interview : Dirtyphonics

Which member of Dirtyphonics am I speaking to? Whats the rest of the crew up to on this particular day?

Hello! You're speaking to the whole crew. We're in the studio working on music, editing videos, doing new graphics...

Theres a lot of you in this group! Could you tell us about each member of the group, their role, and how you all came together with a common goal in mind?

There are four of us in the studio and five on staqe with Mc Youthstar. Playte and Pitch-In are the Djs, Capskod and Pho are on the Mpcs and machines and finally, Youthstar, is on the mic.
Playte and Capskod met way back in a design school, then met Pho. A couple years later Pitch-In and Youthstar joined the crew.
We all had the same vision of music in general and the same need to push boundaries and explore yet we have very different personalities and musical backgrounds and we challenge each other all the time.

You broke into the scene in 2006 - thats not long ago, and yet your production and live act is right up there its top notch stuff! You've all clearly been playing around beforehand can you give us an insight into the members past musical background?

We've all played in different bands or been producing for years. Whether it was a metal, electro, hip hop or writing movie scores we've always been making music and we like to mix those influences and more in the music we make today as Dirtyphonics. Concerning the Live, some of us have been playing and touring for years which give us a great experience of the stage.

It must've taken a lot of persistence to maintain a drum & bass act this big. How do you all do it? What pushes you forward?

The crowd pushes us forward ! Seeing thousands of people going crazy on your music and giving them that kind of energy is the best thing on earth, especially when you're playing with you best friends. Yes I does take some practice but we know each other so well that we can improvise and surprise each other on stage. It's a lot of fun !

Have you been live since the beginning? What are your reasons behind this direction?

Pretty much...Playte and Pitch-In were djaying before the Live was created but one of the first thing that we wanted to do was playing our tracks live all together. The reason behind is probably that we were playing in bands before so it felt natural to play live as a band.

Tell us about some of the equipment you use!

In the studio we use analogue synths (ie: MS-20), computers filled with plugs etc... On stage, we use turntables, cd players, mpcs 4000 & 1000, moog filters, a kaos pad and a DJM 909 filled with effects. At the end of the day, equipment does count but what's utterly important is what you do with it, the way you use it.

Your live act is definately bridging on new ground!
For anyone who hasn't seen it, check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZjUMQdmpas
I feel it has its own sense of style and direction away from what other artists in the scene are doing. In your own words, tell us what you've been aiming to create and do differently

The first thing was to be able to play our tracks live and take risks playing them. Being five on stage with no computers is challenging because if something goes wrong, you have to improvise and  keep the show going on...we also wanted to innovate. We're not trying to stick to anything we've  seen or done before. We wanted to give the public the energy of a rock show in an electronic way – a crazy dj set in which the tracks never sound the same as they re played live. Each show is unique, in relation to the vibe in the venue, the energy coming from the public etc...

You've been doing some cross-over work from Drum & bass to Electro in your recent tunes - namely your successfully received track Vandals. Is this a one off, or a good indication of what we can see from Dirtyphonics in future?

Good question ! It's definitively a good indication of what you can expect from us in the sense that we like to blend genres, do what hasn't been done and write different genres of music. This is what Dirtyphonics is all about.

Name both some Drum & Bass and Electro/house artists that have inspired your production over the years. If you were to introduce someone to either genre with a mix cd, what would you hand them?

If  we had to give a cd of Drum & Bass, that would be an Andy C mix, tracks from Shimon, Subfocus, Chase and Status, Logistics, Commix, Noisia, High Contrast....it's a hard one...Drum and Bass has so many facettes that giving a couple names won't represent it all... As far as Electro goes probably things from Headbangers (Mr Oizo, Justice, Vicarious Bliss...), Proxy, Daft Punk, Soulwax.

Tell us about the Drum & Bass scene in Paris! No doubt the electro scene is huge there considering the names that have come out of your city. Does this have anything to do with the integration of electro into your style?

It probably does...we've obviously been exposed to electronic music and more precisely electro from an early age. The Drum and Bass scene is healthy and growing bigger. With the help of great promoters, djs and producers Drum and Bass gets out of it s ghetto and reaches a wider audience.

When you do your live act in other locations around the world, is it always the same number of members or is it occasionally shortened down?

The Live is of course the 5 us on stage. We're a family and there's no way we'd play the Live without one of us. We actually can't play the Live if we're not all there. This is one of the reason why we had to find an easy way to move the live around and find a clever way to set it up fast.

What can we expect to see from you guys in the upcoming months, possibly even years? When can we expect an album!

In the upcoming months, we'll be traveling around the world with the Live and works hard in the studio at the same time. We've had lots of people asking for an album and we've started to write lots of different things. We can't say more at the moment but expect something big !

Your personal top 5 tunes at the moment, be it drum & bass, electro or whatever!

Dirtyphonics – Vandals (electromix)
Rawkus & Sidius – Alive
Dirtyphonics – The Shadow knows Rmx
Proxy – Dancer in the Dark
Reso – Smash yer face in

Big up to all the NZ massive, we will be touring in Canada at the end of September and back in Oz and NZ early next year.